Friday, 21 March 2014

High Quality Pelican Cases

Pelican cases are highly reliable cases to transport all kind of rough and soft materials. They are highly resistive to water, sunlight and all kind of hard environmental conditions. If you want to know about them then really you should purchase a Pelican case. There are verity of cases available from Pelican like small cases, medium cases, laptop cases, panel mount cases and many more.

Make Money With Your Mobile

If you were searching for a new, creative way to enhance your business, then Mobile SMS marketing is what you need. This new way of spreading ads the way to go nowadays if you want to get good results exploiting the chances the new technology gives. The SMS marketing is based off short text messages sent to users directly on their cell phones. For example, online stores can send a group SMS about their last can’t miss offer. 

What’s great of this kind of business is that the ads campaign can be very targeted and allow a great interaction between the services provide and the final customer, leaving more space for a human-based communication started through what the customer wants – good offers and a better price. This is in short why any company should use such strategy; SMS marketing will boost you and your company into the 21st century. SMS marketing is cheap and rewarding and your business will be positively affected by getting more attention, and thus in the long run more clients for a larger income. But not only. If clients like what they got, they will looking again for your store’s new SMS-offer and thus phone marketing is also a great chance to get a a powerful retention tool for new customers.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


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adalah media informasi dalam bentuk image / gambar untuk menayangkan iklan bergambar pada sebuah webpage. Bisa berupa iklan bisa pula berupa pengumuman. 

Bila anda ingin memasang Banner agar web anda dapat link dan visitor yang banyak bisa ke 
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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Spam Pesan berupa e-mail masal yang tidak kita inginkan, bisa berupa pesan tak berarti atau iklan yang kurang bermanfaat dari pihak yang tidak dikenal. Bisa juga merupakan backdoor atau keylogger untuk mengintip kegiatan kita pada komputer